In the absence of Tryouts due to COVID, any new players who would like to be considered for a 2020/21 roster position should email the teams Head Coach to indicate your interest.

2011/12 Boys Damian Houlden Andrew Storton
2010 Boys Tom Butler Mia Santana
2009 Boys Tom Butler Nick McAneny
2008 Boys Mario Costa Pat McCarney
2007 Boys Tom Butler
2006 Boys Pat McCarney Mario Costa
2005 Boys Andrew Storton Ross Demay
2004 Boys Matt Forde Dave Lynch
2003 Boys Colin Delaney Nick McAneny
2011/12 Girls Marc Davis Aly Clarke
2010 Girls Marc Davis Aly Clarke
2009 Girls Andrew Storton Allison Delaney
2008 Girls Tom Butler Analisse Rios
2007 Girls Joel Dickinson Matt Forde
2006 Girls Lee Elliot Mia Santana
2005 Girls Marc Davis Aly Clarke
2004 Girls Emily Lehet Norm Riker
2003 Girls Lee Elliot Norm Riker